Nitrogen Removal Research

Nitrogen Removal Publications

Removal of Nitrate by ‘Anoxic Absorbent Filtration’ and Carbon Addition

Published in Influents, 2009

Performance results of the WaterNOx, a biological anoxic filter for enhanced nutrient removal, are detailed from two separate field test sites.


Nitrogen Removal with the Waterloo Biofilter

Unpublished, 2004

An open letter to water and wastewater engineers details the biochemical processes involved in nitrogen removal, and provides supporting documentation from third party testing showing the nitrogen removal capabilities of the Waterloo Biofilter system.


Predicting Nitrification Efficiency from Dissimilar Wastewaters

Presented at WEAO Conference, 2004

An underperforming aeration treatment plant is retrofitted with a Waterloo Biofilter as a polisher to meet ammonium levels for surface discharge.  Operational data from two dissimilar wastewaters is used to successfully predict performance on a third wastewater.


Agricultural Mineral Soil Additives for Passive Nitrate Removal

Presented at NOWRA, 2017

Removal of nitrogen (N) from individual sewage systems is desirable where residences are near saline estuarine water bodies, or on groundwater aquifers.


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