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Ontario’s Green School Pilot Initiative – Year One Sewage Treatment Results

The Green Schools Pilot Initiative (GSPI) is a joint program of the Ministry of Economic Development & Innovation and the Ministry of Education that seeks to identify, demonstrate and test innovative green technologies at Ontario schools. After a rigorous selection process, Waterloo Biofilter Systems was selected to participate in the GSPI due to their clear environmental benefits as well as reduced energy usage and operating costs. Three schools participating in the program were relying on inefficient suspended growth-extended aeration sewage treatment technologies that were either underperforming or proving too costly to operate. Baseline data such as electrical consumption, operations and maintenance costs, noise and odour pollution, and effluent quality were collected on these systems, which were then replaced with Waterloo Biofilter technology where the same data was collected. This directly comparable data highlights the treatment efficacy of the Waterloo Biofilter system, as well as its reduced noise, odour, and operating costs.

In total, ongoing operating cost savings of over $60,000 per year were achieved with the Waterloo Biofilter technology. Also demonstrated is the potential for wastewater reuse and recycling, as well as enhanced nutrient removal with the WaterNOx Biological Anoxic Filter.

Please click the following link for the full paper on the Green Schools Pilot Initiative.