Operation & Maintenance

Regular maintenance of your Waterloo Biofilter system is important to protect the environment and your investment.

All septic systems require regular maintenance to ensure that they are being used and are functioning as designed, even if it is a septic tank and leach field. This is essential for the protection of public health, drinking water resources, and property values. It will also extend the service life of your system. In Ontario maintenance of Waterloo Biofilter treatment systems is a requirement specified in the Ontario Building Code for residential systems and by the Ministry permits for communal and commercial applications. Regulations in most other jurisdictions in North America are similar.

Waterloo Biofilter has been providing reliable operation and maintenance services in Ontario for residential and larger sites for over 15 years with a team of certified and experienced wastewater technicians.

For versions of the Residential Homeowner Manuals, follow the link below.

For systems that were installed in 2017 or later, please click on the button below to download a copy of the Waterloo Biofilter Residential Maintenance Contract.

For systems that were installed prior to 2017, please contact us at 1-866-366-4329 to inquire about service availability in your area.

Waterloo Smart Panel

The Waterloo Smart Panel delivers peace of mind to home owners by directly linking their wastewater treatment system to a service provider.

When maintenance is required, or in times of mechanical emergency, detailed notifications are relayed over stable cellular networks to their service provider leading to prompt maintenance resolutions and customer satisfaction.

If you have a Waterloo Smart Panel installed with your system, you have the option of activating the remote monitoring service. Please click on the button below to download/open the remote monitoring contract.

Monitoring via Stable Cellular Network

Remote Trouble Shooting and Error Resolution

Descriptive alarms and notification send straight to service providers

24/7 Monitoring via Stable Cellular Network

Live Remote Trouble Shooting and Error Resolution

Instantaneous and descriptive alarms and notification send straight to service providers

Residential Maintenance

Just like your car or your furnace, a septic system needs regular checking and maintenance to avoid costly repairs. In addition, Operation and Maintenance agreements are a regulatory requirement in Ontario for all residential, tertiary treatment systems. This agreement is between the system owner and an approved Service Provider, and certifies that the system will be inspected and maintained annually. We are pleased to be able to provide a 20 year warranty on our filter media for residential systems that have been adequately maintained.

Waterloo Biofilter offers residential system services across Ontario. In many cases, your Waterloo Biofilter installer can provide these services as well, so you have a number of options. Please contact us for a list of service providers.

Homeowners contribute to the maintenance of their septic tank and Waterloo Biofilter unit with proper usage and by following the guidelines in their Homeowner Manual. Keeping the bacteria in your septic tank healthy and the accumulation of solids controlled will go a long way towards proper operation of the Waterloo Biofilter and the disposal bed that follow it. The Ontario government recommends the pumping out of septic tanks once every 3-5 years with normal use. Please select the appropriate Homeowner Manual for your system to download a copy.

Commercial Maintenance

Our service team maintains many of our commercial Waterloo Biofilter treatment systems in Ontario, sometimes in conjunction with trained site personnel or other local contractors. The size and complexity of the system typically dictates the frequency of service visits and sampling required by Ministry approvals. In addition to regular maintenance, we are able to undertake responsibility for all government sampling and reporting requirements. Our thorough understanding of the treatment technology allows us to optimize plant operations for best performance results.

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