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Phosphorus Reduction Project Meets Objectives

Chatham, ON – Feb 26, 2021

A phosphorus reduction and recovery system aimed at reducing the growth of harmful algal blooms in the Thames River and Lake Erie has been successfully demonstrated.  A Waterloo EC-P system was tested that mimics the way phosphorus is removed naturally in iron-rich soils through the crystallization of iron-phosphate minerals.  The containerized system treated up to 40,000 L/day of surface water from the agricultural runoff of 340 acres of farmed land and includes a process to allow for the recovery and re-use of captured phosphorus as a fertilizing soil amendment.


Nutrients Symposium 2017 Technical Program
Waterloo to Speak at WEF Nutrients Symposium 2017

Craig Jowett has been invited to speak at the 2017 Water Environment Federation Workshop “Onsite & Decentralized Nutrient Removal & Recovery” in Fort Lauderdale on June 12, 2017. His topic is primarily nitrogen removal at the residential scale, which has proven to be variable in the past. His recent research carried out on the WaterNOx-LS using agricultural mineral filters helps demonstrate that thorough nitrogen removal at the residential scale is very attainable.

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Waterloo EC-P Technology Selected as Top 15 Finalist for Stage 1 of Prestigious Water Prize

The George Barley Water Prize, presented by the Everglades Foundation, is a multi-stage contest that aims to save freshwater ecosystems from the plight of phosphorus pollution by developing a globally adaptable, reliable, green, and cheap process to remove phosphorus from freshwater bodies.  This prize will uncover, test and ultimately invest in new technologies that solve this important global issue. (more…)

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