Subdivision Systems

Increase the Number of Subdivision Lots

Double lot density with Waterloo Biofilter systems

Make Your Subdivision Project a Success

Our experienced staff can help design a system with unparalleled performance

Developers have great interest in increasing density or providing additional space on lots for pools or future add-ons. As Waterloo Biofilter treats the wastewater to a very high standard of treatment the footprint required for disposal can be greatly reduced.

Subdivision developments must also meet Nitrogen based reasonable use guidelines prior to attaining approval. Waterloo Biofilter leads the onsite industry in Nitrogen removal technology, which has been proven time and again through third party testing and real world applications. Waterloo has several different configurations and options available depending on the rate of removal required. Lot density can often be doubled with the use of these systems!

The use of a Waterloo Biofilter can be included in the subdivision agreement and we have experienced and knowledgeable staff who will work with you throughout the subdivision approval process. We can provide supporting technical information, onsite support, and work with planners, developers, municipalities, and engineers to ensure this process goes smoothly.

Waterloo Biofilter’s Operation & Maintenance division has extensive technical and field experience, that can ensure that all systems within the subdivision are properly and professionally maintained. Waterloo can also provide a summarized annual report to the Township/Municipality, which provides them peace of mind knowing that all systems are abiding by their mandatory maintenance agreements.

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