New Partnership With DBO Expert Inc.

New Partnership With DBO Expert Inc.

As part of an expansion of its distribution network program across North America, Waterloo Biofilter Systems Inc. of Rockwood, Ontario is pleased to announce the creation of a partnership with DBO Expert Inc., a well-established company in the distribution of decentralized wastewater treatment technologies in Quebec.

The Waterloo Biofilter® is a passive onsite wastewater treatment system for off-sewer developments including single residential dwelling households, cottages and decentralized commercial and communal systems. Our patented technology efficiently treats sewage and other wastewaters, protecting our environment and ecosystems.  Proven in thousands of installations, Waterloo Biofilters are available in a variety of modular configurations.

“DBO Expert’s distribution network in Quebec will allow us to quickly benefit from the market penetration we were looking for in this Province” said Mr. Bill Muirhead, President of Waterloo Biofilter. For his part, Mr. Benoit Boucher, president of DBO Expert explains that “the positioning of Waterloo’s products will broaden the range of products already offered by our firm in the Quebec market”.

DBO Expert distributes Advanced Enviro-Septic, BIOSOR and Waterloo Biofilter Systems technologies in Quebec. It offers a full range of wastewater treatment solutions for the decentralized wastewater treatment industry (

For over 20 years Waterloo Biofilter Systems has designed, manufactured, and maintained advanced onsite wastewater treatment systems. Their products are designed to provide high quality treatment with an emphasis on low energy and maintenance costs, and system longevity and robustness. A variety of solutions are also available for nitrogen reduction, phosphorus removal, and disinfection.

For further information, please contact the customer service of DBO Expert inc. at 819-846-3642 or the customer service of Waterloo Biofilter Systems Inc. at 866-366-4329.