New Waterloo Smart Panel for Remote Monitoring

Waterloo Biofilter Systems Inc. is pleased to announce the launch of the new Waterloo Smart Panel – an onsite wastewater control panel with fully featured remote monitoring and control functionality.  The Waterloo Smart Panel is available for both residential and commercial applications, and offers users total peace of mind knowing their advanced septic system is being professionally monitored.

The Waterloo Smart Panel provides data logging, alarm notifications, daily status updates, current sensing, and many more features in a compact and intuitive design.  The panel connects to any cellular network and uploads data to a cloud server where it can then be downloaded and analyzed.  Operators can remotely access the panel and change system settings to optimize performance.  With the Waterloo Smart Panel maintenance is simplified and expedited as operators arrive on site already with a complete real-time picture of how the site has been operating.

For peace of mind knowing your septic investment is being protected ask your installer or engineer to include the Waterloo Smart Panel with your system. Learn more about the Waterloo Smart Panel.

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