Waterloo EC-P Technology Selected as Top 15 Finalist for Stage 1 of Prestigious Water Prize

The George Barley Water Prize, presented by the Everglades Foundation, is a multi-stage contest that aims to save freshwater ecosystems from the plight of phosphorus pollution by developing a globally adaptable, reliable, green, and cheap process to remove phosphorus from freshwater bodies.  This prize will uncover, test and ultimately invest in new technologies that solve this important global issue.

With a grand prize of $10,000,000, the George Barley Water Prize attracted 183 Stage 1 entries from groups around the world.  Waterloo Biofilter Systems submitted the Waterloo EC-P technology to the contest, which mimics soil processes to mineralize phosphorus that can later be recovered as a fertilizing soil amendment.  The Waterloo EC-P was selected as one of the top 15 finalists by the prize committee based on its phosphorus removal capabilities and environmental sustainability.  More information on Waterloo Biofilter’s submission can be found here.

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