Bulk-filled Tank Biofilters

Bulk-filled Tank Biofilters

Maximize hydraulic flow capacity

Bulk-filled Tanks from Waterloo Biofilter can be used to efficiently treat sewage wastewaters from commercial, communal, and high strength applications. Local concrete or fibreglass tanks are sourced, modified, and filled onsite with our patented filtration medium. Compared to Basket Biofilters, Bulk-filled Tanks reduce the overall tankage costs, and can be installed in poured-in-place concrete containers. Treated effluent collects in the bottom of the tanks and is pumped to disposal or reuse. Recirculation is used to increase the amount of total nitrogen removed and help moderate flow rates. Bulk-filled Tanks are fitted with a small, low amperage air fan to increase aerobic conditions inside the tank.

Multiple Bulk-filled Tanks can be installed in parallel to increase the overall system treatment capacity. To reduce the number of pumps, multiple tanks can be outfitted to gravity drain to a central tank. System upgrades are easy to implement with this configuration and include phosphorus removal, alkalinity addition to aid nitrification, drip dispersal for irrigation, and vacuum sewer collection systems.

Our staff will work with your project engineer to help optimize your system’s design, or we can refer an experienced Waterloo Biofilter designer for you to work with. For more information on our decentralized sewage treatment systems, or to receive a quotation for your commercial septic system project please contact us.

Bulk-filled Tank Biofilters are completely below-ground and maximize the volume of tankage used for treatment resulting in a smaller system footprint.


Less moving parts

Less energy

No noisy air compressor

Permanent Filter Medium

Never needs to be cleaned or replaced.

Warrantied for up to 20 years, and will likely last for generations.

Energy Usage Comparison Chart

Commercial_Slide5_LightningBolt@2xLow energy,
low cost.

Waterloo Biofilters use very little energy; up to 85% less power than aeration technologies using air compressors. In the long-term we have the lowest operating costs.

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