Residential Basket Biofilters

Basket Biofilters

Below ground and out of sight

Waterloo Biofilter Baskets are constructed of a rigid steel mesh that is coated for corrosion protection. Baskets are filled with the patented Waterloo Biofilter filter medium, shipped to site, and placed in a concrete or fiberglass tank. Baskets are sized for locally available tanks to reduce costs for the installer and homeowner. Treated effluent is pumped from the Biofilter treatment unit to a small disposal bed, leaching field or trench. Basket Biofilters operate in recirculation mode for increased nitrogen removal. The only moving parts are two high-quality, energy efficient 1/2 horsepower effluent pumps that operate intermittently throughout the day.

Product Benefits

Ideal for clay soils and small lots

Ideal for increased nitrogen removal

System is completely below-ground and out of sight

Baskets are sized for locally available concrete or fibreglass tanks

Baskets can be scaled up for any size home

Custom sized Baskets reduce excess treatment capacity and costs

Tanks are sealed and below-ground to block potential odours


Less moving parts

Less energy

No noisy air compressor


Permanent Filter Medium

Never needs to be cleaned or replaced.

Warrantied for up to 20 years, and will likely last for generations.

Energy Usage Comparison Chart

Commercial_Slide5_LightningBolt@2xLow energy,
low cost.

Waterloo Biofilters use very little energy; up to 85% less power than aeration technologies using air compressors. In the long-term we have the lowest operating costs.

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