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Make your commercial wastewater project a success with Waterloo Biofilter

Waterloo Biofilters have the lowest long-term operating costs of any advanced treatment technologies, with no frequently replaced filter medium, and no high-maintenance, high-energy air compressors.

Waterloo Biofilter Systems has extensive experience treating commercial, high-strength, and light industrial wastewaters onsite.  Waterloo Biofilters can be used successfully for a wide range of commercial applications including:

  • Golf courses
  • Hospitality properties such as hotels, resorts, and restaurants
  • Campgrounds and truck stops
  • Institutions such as churches and schools
  • Condominiums, retirement homes and office buildings
  • Greenhouses and nurseries

We possess the knowledge and experience necessary to make your project a success.  Taking into account the wastewater characteristics and flow patterns, we will work with your project engineer throughout the design process to help ensure a high quality and economical solution.  If you do not have a project engineer we can refer an experienced Waterloo Biofilter system designer for you to work with.

Waterloo Biofilter technology uses a highly engineered filtration medium, requires few moving parts, and does not require a skilled operator.  A variety of different below and above-ground commercial treatment units are available, making it simple to find one that blends into your property with minimal site disturbance.  The compact nature of the Waterloo Biofilter and its small sub-surface disposal field will allow you to get greater use of your available land, and can allow for development in areas previously thought unsuitable.  Electricity usage in a Waterloo Biofilter system is very low, and long term operating costs are greatly reduced compared to alternative trickling filter, aeration, rotating biological contactor, or membrane bioreactor technologies.

A number of system upgrades and add-ons are also available for commercial applications.  Advanced HMI control panels, auto-dialer alarm systems, and remote monitoring service make operation of the system simple and efficient.  Waterloo Biofilter Systems has years of experience  meeting very stringent effluent limits using add-ons for phosphorus removal, alkalinity or carbon addition to aid in nitrification, and the WaterNOx BAF nitrogen removal filter to produce a final effluent with TN < 5 mg/L.  Disposal options include sub-surface bed, shallow buried trenches, drip line irrigation, surface discharge and wastewater recycling for non-potable uses such as irrigation, toilet flushing and truck washing.