Effluent Polishing

Retrofit lagoons or aeration technologies with a Waterloo Biofilter to improve system performance

Retrofitting lagoons that are underperforming or at-capacity, and failing aerobic treatment units with a Waterloo Biofilter system is a cost effective way of meeting effluent limit criteria without the need for total system replacement. Pre-treated effluent such as that from lagoon or ‘suspended sludge’ systems can be loaded at very high rates to a Waterloo Biofilter treatment unit due to the lower organic and suspended solids loading.

Waterloo Biofilter treatment units can be configured to reduce the stress on existing systems by receiving a portion of the pre-treated effluent and recirculating it back into the system headworks. The Waterloo Biofilter can also be installed as the final component of the treatment train, intercepting and polishing all pre-treated wastewater prior to disposal.

The Waterloo Biofilter technology is very compact, robust, and contains few moving parts. Our filtration medium has the highest surface area-to-volume ratio of any attached growth trickling filter media used in the industry. Retrofitting existing wastewater treatment plants with a Waterloo Biofilter system is a cost effective way of improving treatment levels and extending the service life of existing onsite systems.

Our experienced design staff will take into account the daily flow rates, pre-treated effluent characteristics, desired final effluent criteria, and the site characteristics when designing a polishing system that will rejuvenate old or failed decentralized wastewater systems with minimal site disturbance required.

For more information on using the Waterloo Biofilter system in effluent polishing roles please contact us.