During the annual inspection the technician will perform a visual inspection of the condition and safety of all tanks, enclosures, and access hatches. With the lids open, the technician will examine the health of the system, including both the pre-treatment tank and the Biofilter treatment medium. The technician will test the operation of the pumps and floats to ensure they are operating, and will assess the spray nozzles, clean the nozzles as needed, and adjust them to promote even distribution of the sewage as it sprays over the Biofilter medium. The control panel is checked, and the settings are adjusted as needed. Where available, the technicians will collect samples of either or both, the sewage and the final discharge for lab testing. The technicians also assess the leaching bed area and make notes where needed; repairing leaching beds is beyond our scope. Finally, the technicians close and secure all the lids and ensure the system is returned to its regular operating mode before leaving. After completing the inspection, the technicians spend time entering their observations and notes, recording measurements and data collected on site, recording any adjustments or minor repairs they made to the system, and any recommendations or actions that need to be taken by the owner. The technician is recording a snapshot of your system as it appears or functions on that day.