Subsurface Disposal System Research

Safe In-Ground Disposal of Treated Sewage

Published in ES&E, 2006

Septic system health and safety risks can be minimized when sewage is first treated by attached-growth, filtration-based technologies, and the treated effluent is put back into the ground via a shallow sand bed for dispersal and polishing.

Performance Expectations of Ontario Sand Filters & Proprietary Absorbent Filter ‘Area Bed’ Systems

Published in OOWA Newsletter, 2005

Absorbent filtration Biofilters with fine sand Area Bed disposal provide increased fecal coliform and nutrient removal compared to Ontario sand Filter Bed soil absorption systems.

Modern Living Necessitates Double-Filtering Residential Sewage

Published in ES&E, 2010

A ‘multiple barrier’ approach to onsite wastewater treatment comprising physical biological filtration followed by soil polishing allows for verification of treatment and provides increased protection of soils and groundwater.