Wastewater Reuse Research

Wastewater Re-used Successfully at Ontario Truck Stop

Published in CEP, 2005

A truck stop in Southern Ontario is reusing treated wastewater produced by a Waterloo Biofilter sewage treatment system for toilet flushing, resulting in 60-70% water savings and significantly reduced nitrogen loading on the environment.

Four Golf Resorts are Reusing Treated Sewage for Irrigation

Published in ES&E, 2001

Waterloo Biofilter sewage treatment systems allow four golf courses to re-use wastewater directly onsite for irrigation. Advanced tertiary treatment levels are achieved throughout the year even as hydraulic flow rates fluctuate.

Re-Use of Treated Sewage Using Biofilter Technology

Presented at WEAO Conference, 2001

Case studies of various sewage reuse sites show that Waterloo Biofilter technology can produce treated effluent that can be used as a resource rather than a waste product.