Another pioneering technology for Canada

The WaterNOx™ is an advanced nitrogen removal filter designed to service smaller flows with less maintenance and energy consumption than standard submerged filters with backwashing. The WaterNOx™ is a variant of the standard biological anoxic filtration denitrification system with external carbon addition for nitrified influent.

In new installations, the WaterNOx™ follows a nitrifying filter such as the Waterloo Biofilter.  An inexpensive, easily digested carbon source is added to aid in the denitrification process.  The WaterNOx™ effluent is then directed to a small polishing filter to remove excess organics before disposal.

In retrofit installations, the WaterNOx™ operates on a closed feedback loop receiving a portion of the effluent from the existing works, denitrifying it, and directing it back upstream to the septic tanks.  The WaterNOx™ system also produces alkalinity that when directed back upstream further increases nitrification efficiency.

Designed for ease of use, the WaterNOx™ is ideal for applications such as campgrounds, truck stops, restaurants, subdivisions, schools and offices where enhanced nitrogen removal is required but constant or complex maintenance is not possible.

In new installations, final effluent total nitrogen of < 5 mg/L is achievable with proper design and maintenance. At a light industrial factory retrofit, a WaterNOx™ received only 25-30% of the total flow yet TN was reduced by an additional 50%.

WaterNOx™ offers numerous advantages over
other nitrogen removal technologies

thorough denitrification

easy set-up and servicing

no backwashing

no aerobic sludge production

very low energy usage

permanent filter medium

compact footprint

safe, non-toxic carbon source

quick recovery if disturbed

new or retrofit installations

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