For Thorough & Complete Denitrification

The WaterNOx-LS™ is an advanced nitrogen removal add-on for the thorough denitrification of nitrified effluent in residential and commercial applications. The WaterNOx-LS™ uses a mixture of agricultural sulphur and limestone in a submerged up-flow configuration to remove nitrogen via a passive autotrophic process. Sulphur-oxidizing bacteria reduce nitrate while limestone self-buffers the pH.

The system requires no external carbon source, uses no energy, and is designed for a long 10+ year lifespan on the sulphur media before replacement. There is minimal effect on incoming cBOD5 or TSS concentrations, with effluent sulphate well below concentrations considered the upper limit for aesthetic reasons. The WaterNOx-LS™ is low maintenance with only annual service visits required.

The WaterNOx-LS™ can be installed new following a nitrifying technology such as the Waterloo Biofilter or retrofit to upgrade existing installations. Influent can flow via gravity or pump while effluent flows by gravity to disposal or further processing.

Designed for simplicity, the WaterNOx-LS™ is ideal for individual residential applications where infrequent maintenance and low energy usage are preferred. Larger commercial applications can also benefit from the such as campgrounds, truck stops, restaurants, subdivisions, schools and offices where enhanced nitrogen removal is required but constant or complex maintenance is not possible.

In new installations, final effluent total nitrogen of < 5 mg/L is achievable with proper design and maintenance. In testing and field use the WaterNOx-LS™ consistently removes all nitrate.

WaterNOx-LS™ offers numerous advantages over
other nitrogen removal technologies

complete denitrification

no external carbon source

no energy use

infrequent maintenance

long media lifespan

self buffered to neutral pH

easy set-up and servicing

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