Wastewater Reuse

Advanced wastewater recycling systems from Waterloo Biofilter conserve and protect water supplies

Waterloo Biofilter Systems is one of only a handful of companies in the world experienced in the onsite treatment and reuse of sewage wastewaters. From the Toronto Healthy House™ – the first residential wastewater reuse system in Canada – to numerous golf courses, truck stops, and vehicle washing stations, Waterloo Biofilter Systems has over 14 years experience and a proven track record of delivering advanced onsite wastewater reuse solutions.

There are a number of reasons developers and engineers may consider implementing a wastewater reuse system. Recycling sewage wastewaters onsite can enable development in areas that may otherwise be unsuitable due to space limitations, inadequate groundwater supplies, or nitrogen loading concerns. Wastewater reuse can also be cost-effective over the long term at facilities such as golf courses and vehicle washing stations where water usage is typically very high.

Wastewater reuse technology from Waterloo Biofilter produces a clear, odourless, and sterile effluent that can be reused onsite for purposes such as toilet flushing, vehicle washing, and irrigation.

In a wastewater reuse system the Waterloo Biofilter treatment unit is the workhorse, removing virtually all of the organics and suspended solids, as well as a large portion of nitrogen and > 99% of fecal coliforms and viruses.  A portion of the clear Waterloo Biofilter effluent is then further polished, and disinfected using ultraviolet (UV) radiation, ozonation, or chlorination before being reused onsite as a non-potable water source.  This can drastically reduce water usage at the facility, decreases nitrogen loading on the environment, and can decrease the size of the disposal bed required.  Our reuse systems are designed with multiple safeguards in place to protect human health and safety, and are a permanent infrastructure solution to help alleviate water shortages and groundwater depletion currently found in many areas of the world.

For more information on the capabilities of the Waterloo Biofilter technology in wastewater re-use applications, please contact us.